Máy CẮT-TUỐT-DẬP tự động TRD401

The TRD401 series of both-ends crimping machines from ShinMaywa,
complemented with a new seal insertion model,
are ideal for low-volume production and smaller-gauge wires.

Both seal insertion both-ends crimping machine TRD401WPA

The automotive industry continues to innovate and expand rapidly. As automobile computerization advances, wire harnesses are ever-more important. This means the wires must be made even smaller for downsizing the wire harnesses. Meanwhile, in line with global trends, harnesses need to be manufactured in low-volume to suit auto makers’ production plans. ShinMaywa’s TRD401 both-ends crimping machines solve these requirements.
The TRD401 comes standard with a terminal crimping monitor for sophisticated quality management as well as a range of sensors. Automatic wire changer and applicator changer, boost productivity.
With this new seal insertion machine featuring a 3-module automatic-exchange seal unit, the TRD401 will be even more valuable to customers around the world.