HaSon - TFK-1630N
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Car Gate (Barrier Gate)



Install this equipment in a vehicle passage provided at the entrance (exit) of parking lot so that the gate bar intercepts the vehicle; the equipment receives the operation signal from exterior (vehicle detector, switch, etc.) and automatically raises and lowers the gate bar to regulate the passing of vehicle.

Also, labor can be saved if the equipment is linked with a ticket dispenser, automatic pay station unit, etc.

When the gate arm is fully lowered, it will interlock at its position (horizontal position) to prevent illegal passage of vehicle.

When a power failure occurs, the manual handle provided with this equipment can be used to raise or lower the bar.

The equipment has an internal counter which displays the number of opening/closing operations in the counter.

If the arm is broken, it can be easily replaced.

Features :

  • Operation method: Motor drive operation

  • Opening and Closing Time: Within 1.7 sec(60Hz), 1.9 sec (50Hz)

  • In case of power failure, it can be operated by manual handle bar.

  • Built-in counters for manual and automatic gate open

  • Communication capability for different signals and counters (RS232C/RS485)

  • Self diagnostic function

  • Instant thermal overload protection

altDownload TFK-1630N Brochure (203KB / PDF file)