HaSon - Introduction
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      Established since 2000, Hason has been cooperating with suppliers to provide highest quality products and good at services to our customers.
      We are officially authorized distributor and service provider of prestigions Japanese Manufacturers such as AmanoAmada ,  Shinmaywa , Takeda Machine , Yamaha Robot , Hisaka , Delfin ,  Couth - Marking, etc.
      We concentrate to provide technical support for after sale. We are willing to hear any advices or comments from our customers. We are not the best service company because we believe there is always room to improve our quality service.
      Hason is making strong efforts to contribute to our customers. We believe that the success of our contribution to our customers truly depends on our people and how we manage our company. Thus, we keep on continuing improvement and create the future with our customers. Our determination is growth - perpetual challenge to be our esteemed customers’ No. 1 option.
      It’s our honor to serve all dear customers and thank you for your cooperation.

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